Bringing Sexy Back to the Courts

1DWe are not giving credit to Justin Timberlake on this one. The credit goes to the one and only “One Direction.” Thank you guys for bringing -what do you think?- the coolness or the hotness to tennis?

If you follow us on twitter (@TennisordieNEWS), we posted this photo of Harry that we found in the December issue of Seventeen magazine.

We couldn’t think of a better name for this collection than “The Harry Collection” and it’s all about his appreciation for this great sport. Sleeveless, yeah! But you can find them in other styles too!

Thank you also to Seventeen magazine for bringing relevant articles to the teen world. We love that! If you want to shop for any of these styles, just click on the image!

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Tennis Sweat by
Rally On!
Game On!


Tennis Sweat Game On!
Rally On!

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