Sweet Emotions

Getting ready for the finals of the Grand Slam of Major Surprises aka the US Open, and closing a year of amazing tennis with an all Italian Women Final (Penetta vs Vinci) and a Swiss on the men finals for sure. The U.S Open couldn’t disappoint with an incredible display of lights and a roller coaster of emotions, which inspired our brand new design.

Sweet Emotions for Her

For Her…

Sweet Emotions

For Him

Sweet Emotions for Kids

For the Kids

Another source of inspiration for us was the music intensity of Aerosmith, a garage band that went all the way to create multiple #1 hits to have an even greater comeback in the 90s,  kepping us entertained with their song “Sweet Emotion” from their album Toys In The Attic (April 1975).


A beautiful sky on the eve before the collapse of the Twin towers that remind us of what’s important in life: love, hope & freedom. We’ll never forget September 11. We are blessed for what we endure, because that makes us stronger. We are blessed for what we love, because that defines us.


What else could we ask for of this Grand Slam full of surprises? We’ll be tuning in for this weekend of finals, while we keep some of the action on our pinterest US Open 2015 Board, check it out!

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