Unsealed Lips Collection

UNSEALEDlipsIf you follow us long enough, you may have noticed that music inspires us. This collection is dedicated to lips and simple expressions because lips are sexy, aren’t they?

The idea for this collection came from the cover of STAY by 30 Seconds to Mars. Their version is unbelievable and the video is even better. We were discussing if Rihanna’s had more to like. What’s your take? Our conclusion was that a duet would be super hot!

We were also reminiscing the Rolling Stones iconic image during our creative process —that famous tongue and the beauty of the entire concept. Because tennis is our focus, our concept needed to be more colorful and playful.

To summarize, this collection has been exclusively designed with you in mind —the fun, tennis loving creature that you are.

The entire collection is available here for you to shop, shop, shop. We hope we delivered and that you like this new collection.

Now we are back to continue looking for new inspiration, until next time leave us a comment to stay in touch…



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