We are turning 3!



Time really flies when you are having fun! Today we are celebrating three years of creating designs exclusive for tennis; for practice time, game time, or just to show off your love for the sport.

Today is also a day we honor all our veterans, men and women who served this country. We gratefully appreciate the gift of peace, freedom, and the sense of security around us. It is true that all the things that we can enjoy today are, in one way or another, a legacy from others: our character, our values, our vision for the future.

We added quite few new designs this year and we are preparing a catalog for the holidays. Meanwhile, you can find a 60% sale today until midnight for Veterans day, our anniversary, and singles day in other parts of the world. Who knew 11/11 was that popular around the world? Use code: VETERANDAY14.

We certainly have been more active in social media this year. Check our facebook, twitter and pinterest accounts. If you have not done this yet, like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter. and pinterest.

Love, aces & rally on!

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